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cᴉa - Customised SMS tone

How to set a custom sound for FoalSafe Messages

Some FoalSafe users have asked if it is possible to set a custom sound to messages they receive on their Android phone from FoalSafe so that the messages 'stand out' from their other SMS messages.

The answer is that it is possible with the help of 3rd party apps from Google Play. An app we have evaluated to work with FoalSafe SMS messages is called CustomSMSTonesLite by Roadkill Software.

This little app is a great add-on and comes in 2 versions; the first being a 'full' unrestricted version and the second being the 'Lite' - or free - version. The Lite version only allows 3 contacts to have individual custom tones while the full version has unrestricted number of contacts that may have a cusomised tone.

After you install CustomSMSTones you are able to select the mobile number of your FoalSafe alarm and set it to a custom tone. Why is this so good? Well, CustomSMSTones allows the tone to be active - even when all the other SMS tones have been silenced, for example, when you go to bed at night and place the phone into silent mode. CustomSMSTones may be set to over-ride this setting, meaning that the customised tone for FoalSafe will sound at all times of the day and night, thereby alerting you even when other SMS's have been 'silenced'.

We have an MP3 'neighing' sound file which our customers are welcome to download and use in conjunction with CusomSMSTones. Right click here, then select 'Save link as' to download.

After downloading the 'neighing' MP3 sound file, if you are unsure as to how to copy the MP3 to your Android phone, we suggest you read this article.

cᴉa is NOT associated with Roadkill Software in any way. This page is provided as a source of information only. Users must evaluate the software suggested on this page as to its suitablity for their own situation(s). cᴉa accepts no responsibility for a customers decision to use, or not use, the software suggested on this page.
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